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Animal Voices

Speaking out on behalf of animals!

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Animal Voices is a animal rights activist group which campaign mainly by writing letters on behalf of animals for the cruel ways in which they are treated.

If you are a animal lover and want to help this is a great place to start, we gather details of campaigns from around the world are posted at this community as a central point for you to go to, so you can get involved by writing letters and doing anything else that maybe helpful in these campaigns.

What can be posted in this community

Posts relating to campaigns for animals
Information on any campaigns we have not already listed.

Questions you may want to ask about the campaigns.

We would appreciate it if you could post copies of your letters in the community for everyone to see, (please put them behind LJ CUT TAG)

What can not be posted in this community

Off the topic posts.
Anything we feel not suitable to be posted here will be removed without notice.

Campaign details

Unnatural animal acts a turn off.
Help the Dolphins...
Procter & Gamble animal testing
Ritual Slaughter in the UK
Help the Ducks
Chinese dine on Zoo animals