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[Mar. 24th, 2005|02:59 pm]
Animal Voices


1) I love 8th Continent's chocolate soymilk, but apparently none of their soymilks are vegan. Please, please email them and urge them to switch from D3 to D2 in order to stop animal cruelty. Even if you don't like it, or like some other soymilk more, there are a lot of people who aren't vegan but still drink it. By getting this company to remove the ONE non-vegan ingredient, the non-vegans will be supporting anti-cruelty with their money. If the company is going to make and sell its product regardless of whether the vegans buy it or not, why not make it vegan so it doesn't hurt animals? Think of all the animals/animal by products that will be saved in the process! Not only that, but it would help those of us who love it ;) 8thContinent@genmills.com

2) As many of you know, Wet Seal uses bunnies for fur instead of faux fur. Although I have sent a letter and many people have as well, I thought it would be more effective to send them a box full of receipts from faux fur bought elsewhere. (I specifically went to Abercrombie & Fitch instead of buying from Wet Seal.) If you want to send yours on your own for whatever reason, here is the address:(Joel N. Waller, CEO
Wet Seal, Inc. 26972 Burbank Foothill Ranch, CA 92610) If you'd rather have me send yours together with mine and the others that I collect, email me at fnbventura@gmail.com. Also, if you can't find your receipt, or don't want to bother, you can take a picture of yourself wearing it or a picture of the tag that says where it is from/ that it is fake fur, and I'll send that with the receipts!

3) I had an idea for activism, and thought I would share it with others so that more people could do it. I don't know if it's a completely original idea, but it doesn't matter. Here's what to do: If your city is holding an Easter Egg hunt, plant plastic eggs with cruelty free stickers or other animal-friendly materials that are appealing to children inside. When the children go to find their eggs, they will find yours, and hopefully think about animals in a new way. For example, if someone got something that said simply and nicely where eggs really come from, how many children would want to have REAL eggs for easter ever again? Another helpful thing to do would be to hold a booth outside with information in case children or people are confused or just want to know more. That way you can personally explain the truth about meat, eggs, and dairy. Plastic Easter Eggs are on sale at Michael's (a craft store chain in the US) 52 for 6 dollars, or you might be able to find cheap ones at a 99 cents store or grocery store. Also, PETA.org can provide stickers and coloring books and other information made specifically for children, as well as information for adults. If you don't have enough time to order them, try printing them out at home or at the library. You can buy sticker paper at craft stores, or simply print onto regular paper. Happy hunting! (And sabatoging :) )

4) Food Not Bombs Ventura still needs volunteers to help us with passing out flyers, carpooling, getting donations, picking up donations, cooking food, and serving food to the homeless of Ventura. There we will be promoting human rights, animal rights (the food is always vegetarian and vegan most of the time), and peace. email fnbventura@gmail.com if you're interested. Thanks!

x-posted a lot, sorry for the inconvience to some of you